Welcome to Ela’s Finance Private Healthcare page!

Private HealthcareOne thing that we have all learnt in recent times is that you cannot take your health for granted. Keeping healthy is something that should be high up on everyone’s agenda.

As we have seen, the NHS does a great job but it is under pressure and this can unfortunately mean longer wait times for treatment when you need it which is not ideal.

At Ela’s Finance we feel it is important to offer people the chance to take private healthcare if they want to ensure they get treated quickly should the worst happen. Whether you are new to private healthcare or simply wish to save money on the cost of your current cover we will do what we can to help.

So if you would like to look at private medical insurance options for yourself and your family or wish to see if savings can be made on your existing plan without compromising your cover, do get in touch and we will be pleased to see what we can do to help.