100% Joint Venture Funding for Property Development Projects

JV finance is used for developing property without having to use your own funds as a lender can provide the finance for the purchase of the land as well as fund the entire construction costs.

In return, the lender will be looking for a 50/50 split on profits and charge approx. 1% interest per month.

However, this is a very specialist product only available to property developers and projects that meet a JV lenders’ strict criteria such as:

  • A certain level of experience in development is required. Therefore this isn’t an option available to 1st time developers
  • Minimum of 25% margin on GDV (pre finance cost), ideally over 30% to ensure everyone makes a return
  • Requires full planning in place as no lender would take on any planning risk
  • Available for the development of affordable housing, but not luxury homes
Joint Venture Finance