Welcome to our Invoice Finance page for Property Developers!

Invoice FinanceWhen running a property development there are many things to consider with your cashflow being just one. However, managing your cashflow correctly is very important and if this goes wrong it can leave you in a very difficult situation.

At Ela’s Finance we understand that controlling your costs and cashflow during a property development project can be tough. With this in mind we have access to Construction Finance solutions which can help fund applications for payment (certified or uncertified). This allows funding at the earliest possible opportunity to assist project cashflow and is something which the High Street Banks do not usually have an appetite for.

Lenders that are in this marketplace also have specialist construction managers with the correct expertise when drawdowns are needed which can make your conversations with them much easier when arranging a drawdown of funds.

If you could do with help managing your cashflow to assist with timing differences during your construction project do get in touch and we will be happy to see if this solution could be a good fit for you.