Welcome to our Landlords and Buy to Let page!

HMOsWhether you are thinking of becoming a Landlord for the first time or you are a seasoned professional already, we can help. We have experience in helping you understand what is involved which will help you to decide whether buying a property for investment purposes is the right thing for you.

With access to lenders from across the market we can help you to find the right funding solution for your situation. Whether it is for a single buy to let property, a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) or a property portfolio we will be happy to help.

Let to Buy

You may find that you would like to move but are finding it difficult to get a buyer which can be very frustrating. This is where Let to Buy mortgages can come in – this will allow you to raise a mortgage to let out your current home. With the surplus cash raised after paying off your existing lender you can then put down a deposit to purchase another property to move into.

The benefit is that you will then own 2 properties rather than just one. However it is important that anyone considering this route fully understands what becoming a Landlord means and we will be happy to discuss your requirements to see if this is something that could potentially work for you.